Why Should I Use Google Advertising and How Do I Start?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express, are the latest greatest thing when it comes to search engine advertising. There are multiple ways to advertise and different campaigns you can run, depending on your needs. If people rely on your website to access or learn about your product or service, you should utilize Google Ads.

Google Ad Terms you need to know

Before we get into too much detail, there are some important keywords that you should know if you are going to pursue Google Ads.


There are 3 basic types of campaigns offered by Google Ads

Search Network campaign: These Ads can show up on Google Search result pages when someone searches for a product or service that is like yours. These Google Ads typically appear in text form.

Display Network campaign: These Ads appear on websites and apps that your customers visit. These Google Ads typically appear in image form.

Video campaign: These Ads are usually 6 to 15 second videos that show up before or during YouTube content.


In-market: A user who breaks their normal search engine behavior. This sends a signal to Google saying that they are in the market for something.

Affinity: This includes people who have a predisposed interest in your product or service like, “plumbing” or, “painting.”

Custom Intent: These are specifically defined by the Ads Manager (typically you or a marketing agency like Xciting Media) and can be customized to your needs and wants.

Cost Per ____:

Cost Per Click (CPC): You only pay for an Ad if/when someone clicks on it.

Cost Per Impression (CPI): You pay based on how many times your Ad was shown.

Cost Per Engagement (CPE): You pay when a user completes a predefined engagement like watching your video.

Bids and Bid Modifications:

Bids: A bid represents the amount of money you are willing to spend on a specific action. This could include cost-per-clicks (CPC) or cost per impressions (CPI)

Bid Modifications: This allows you to adjust your bids to show your Ads more or less frequently based on how, when, and where people are searching. Sometimes clicks are worth more to your business if it comes from a specific location, device, or time.

Why Should You Use Google Ads?

Google Ads allow you to do a lot when it comes to growing your business. It has many benefits including:

  1. Wide Range of Targeting options

When using a Display Network Campaign, Google gives you many ways to target your potential audience including, when and where your Ad is shown, personal interests, age, gender, and more. These Ads can also show up on websites related to yours and to people who match specific measures.

  1. Maximum Reach

Chances are, that at some point in your life, you have Googled a question. Google sees a massive 5 billion searches everyday (2+ trillion searches per year) which is a huge amount. Included here, are people looking for solutions or services that your business can provide.

  1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is important. The more you positively and consistently reinforce your brand, the stronger it becomes. Strong brands earn more trust with customers and will have them buying their product. Google Ads are versatile and give you a large amount of freedom to support your brand, so even if potential customers do not click your Ad, they see your brand, tagline, and what you offer.

  1. Maximize ROI

With Google Ads, you get to set your own budgets. You decide the amount of money you want to spend, and only pay when someone engages with your Ad. This could be by clicking your Ad or watching your video. There are also different avenues for where your Ads show up (as mentioned above) including CPC, CPI, and CPE.

  1. Quick Results

You may have wondered how certain web pages get to the top of the search engine results. This often has to do with that page using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and having numerous backlinks in their website, all of which are usually built up over a long period of time. Google Ads highly increases your chance to jump to the top of the search engine results, bypassing the organic results and displaying your website among the first available.

How can you get started with your own Google Ads?

If you are computer and technology savvy, you should learn more about Google Ads. The internet is flooded with videos, FAQs, blogs, articles, and more that provide knowledge about Google Advertising. It is great to understand how Google Ads work, especially if you are going to start using them for the first time.

Maybe you’ve already tried using Google Ads. If you found it confusing or complicated, if you’re not getting the ROI you’re hoping for, or if you find yourself hitting a plateau when it comes to gaining new leads, you should consider hiring an Ads Manager or Digital Marketing Agency.

An Ads Manager is someone who actively works on your Google Ad campaigns to bring you new leads and customers. They can save you money by preventing expensive clicks that could be draining your budget. By hiring a company like Xciting Media to manage your Google Ads, you can see an increase in your reach to new clients, detailed and through planning of reaching your targeting your audience, you could see an increased ROI, and so much more. Not only this, but by hiring a marketing agency or Ads Manager, you can save time and money, which can be put back into other areas of your business.

In conclusion

If you have not already considered Google Advertising, now is your time. Whether you are brand new to Google Ads or have been trying to manage them on your own, they are a great tool for increasing your business. Reach out to Xciting Media to learn why Google Ads are a great next step for you.

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